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Scalp Liquid Applicator - Hair Comb
Scalp Liquid Applicator - Hair Comb
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HIGHLIGHTS EVEN LIQUID DISTRIBUTION: The comb is suitable for anyone wanting to apply some sort of liquid/serum/lotion to their scalp in a fast & convenient way. LARGE LIQUID COMPARTMENT: Comes with a huge 50ml oil compartment, enough space for all hair needs. TRAVELLING & STORING: The comb is the size of a standard size palm, allowing for a comfortable & secure grip. Take up no space when travelling with this comb. At last! A palm-sized comb that not only helps you get your hair growth back but also provide your hair with the nutrients it requires for a healthier looking head. Our liquid applicator comb comes with a huge 50ml oil compartment, enough space for any hair needs. The comb is for anyone wanting to apply some sort of oil/serum/lotion to their scalp, whether it be for hair growth, improved hair quality, thicker hair, smoother hair, hair infusions, or whatever other purpose, this comb is for you! With its roller ball teeth, you can expect the liquid evenly distributed throughout your scalp, ensuring you get optimal results! The teeth is designed to only allow liquid to exit when applying pressure to the scalp. This gives you the piece of mind knowing that there won't be any messy spill situations. In short: By using our liquid applicator comb you can expect less mess, less hassle, more hair growth and better results at home or abroad. What more could one ask for? SPECIFICATIONS Product Size: 60 x 60 x 58mm Material: PC, ABS, silicone Colour: Gold (As seen in picture) Liquid Capacity: 50ml (max)
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Coconut oil hair mask for deep hair conditioning
PURC Coconut Oil Hair Mask 50ml - Restores Hair Moisture
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HIGHLIGHTS Contains 12-essential oils packed with vitamins & minerals Enriched with Vitamins E & B5 Fights scalp acne and moisturises scalp Provides smooth and healthier looking hair from first use INVIGORATING INGREDIENTS 🥥 Coconut Oil 🧈 Shea Butter 🌰  Argon Oil 🌿 Vitamin E 🌹 Rosehip Seed Oil 🌿 Vitamin B5 🌰 Cilantro Extract 🌱 Geranium Extract 🌰  Horsetail Extract 🌰 Shatavari Extract 🌰 Alfalfa Extract 🌱 Ginger Extract The Coconut Oil Hair Mask instantly provides a deep treatment that restores broken-down, dried-out, fizzed-out, and damaged hair from the very first use. Enriched with 12 natural ingredients including vitamin E and fatty acids to hydrate your scalp from style damages. Coconut oil has shown to drastically improve hair health, especially those who struggle with dry roots, hair loss and thinned-out hair. By using our coconut oil hair mask, you can expect softer, shinier and stronger hair strands regardless of what length your hair may be, the coconut oil mask is here for the rescue! SPECIFICATIONS Product Weight:  50ml net Gender: Unisex Scent: Coconut-Shea butter inspired Brand Name: PURE
Ginseng Hair Growth Oil 40ml - EELHOE
Ginseng Hair Growth Oil 40ml - EELHOE
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The key to preventing hair loss and hair regrowth, is moisture. The EELHOE™ Ginseng Hair Growth Serum contains a potent formula packed with different essential oils needed to moisturise and regrow hair follicles: Vitamin E Polygonum multiflorum Grape seed oil Chinese Angelica Horse Chestnut Extract Wormwood extract Ginkgo Ginger complex (Old Ginger Extract + Ginseng)     The formulation moisturises hair strands from root to tip, making it stronger, shinier, and healthier. Ginseng is a natural hair growth promoter, suitable for daily-use so you can experience better results without the worry of toxins. By providing your hair with enough moisture will also heavily reduce any previous hair breakage which will have you looking healthier in no time!   Directions (How to use): Apply 2-3 drops on the palm and mix with 1-2 pumps of shampoo Apply evenly and gently on scalp Gently massage into scalp using your fingertips working from root to tip Ingredients:Purified Water, Glycerine, Radix DNA Extract, (Panax Ginseng) Extract, Ginger, Chinese Angelica(Angelica Polymorph Synesis) Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract. Ginger Extract, Sephora flavescent extract, Wormwood extract, Fleece flower Root, Grape Seed Oil, Glycerol, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, methylparaben, Rosemary oil   SPECIFICATIONS Bottle Size: 40ml net Brand Name: EELHOE Gender: Unisex
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Scalp Liquid Applicator 2-In-1 LED Massage Comb
Scalp Liquid Applicator 2-In-1 LED Massage Comb
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An innovative comb that effortlessly glides through your hair without pulling. The large 6ml liquid compartment and stainless steel outlet pins ensures optimal and even liquid dispersion throughout the scalp. Integrated with Red LED technology assisting in hair growth and the reduction in dandruff. The comb features a 2-in-1 built-in micro-vibrator for a gentle scalp massage and increased blood circulation that encourages hair growth. The electric vibrations provide a deep tissue massage that helps to relieve tension and reduce stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized while also ensuring your scalp receives the needed liquids for a healthy scalp. Package includes:1x Electric Scalp Brush1x USB-C charging cable1x Instruction manual SPECIFICATIONS Brand Name: EelhoeMaterial: ABS and TPRLED wavelength: 625nm Red LightLiquid capacity: 6mlOperating Voltage: 3.7VVoltage : DC 5VPower (Max): 0.32WBattery Capacity: 150mAhProduct Weight (Net): 80gProduct Size: 55 x 30 x 70mmModel Number: 105455Item Type: Massage & Relaxation


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