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TDG™ Beard Growth Kit
TDG™ Beard Growth Kit
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The 4-Piece TDG™ Beard Growth Kit is packed with all the essential ingredients needed to effectively stimulate new hair follicles, resulting in a Fuller and Thicker beard! - Or your money back! Users typically feel new beard growth in only 30 days* from initial application, with visible results in only 2 months* - No wonder our kit is the preferred Beard Grower for Australians! HIGHLIGHTS Hair follicle stimulation for thicker beard growth Packed with ingredients proven to work 100% Natural active ingredient growth serum - The holy grail of growth serums! 540-pin 0.25mm stainless steel derma roller that accelerates collagen production and speeds up cell renewal for increased nutrient absorption Use on both beard and moustache areas for a thicker overall appearance Over 10,000 kits sold Australian-wide Over 100 5-Star Reviews 140 Day Money Back Guarantee^ Results in only 30 days* Disinfectant spray included to prevent bacterial growth forming on the roller - Keeping you and your face on the healthy side, without any nasty surprises! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you don't see or feel results in at least 140 days, we will offer you a full refund!^ We are that confident our beard growth kit will deliver on a fuller, thicker and healthier looking beard.   WHATS IN THE BOX 1x  TDG™ Beard Growth Serum 1x  TDG™ Derma Roller 1x  TDG™ Derma Roller Sanitiser 1x  Premium-quality pocket comb  1.  TDG™ Beard Growth Serum Our 100% natural active growth serum contains premium quality ingredients proven to accelerate & promote hair growth. It is through these key ingredients that we have been able to help hundreds of Aussie men over the years to get their hair growth back. Key ingredients: Vitamin B2 Vitamin H Folic acid Glycerine Turmeric rhizome extract  2.  TDG™ Derma Roller Our derma rollers come with a 540-pin 0.25 mm stainless steel head that when applied to the skin, create 1000s of microscopic channels on the skin surface. This in return speeds up blood circulation which accelerates the absorption of our key ingredient when the serum is applied.  3.  TDG™ Derma Roller Sanitiser Our sanitiser is specifically designed to prevent possible bacteria from forming on the derma roller by disinfecting your roller before & after use.  4.  Pocket Comb Use our user-friendly, high-quality, convenient travel-size beard & mo comb to add style on the move or as part of your weekly routine to comb the Beard Growth Serum into your beard for optimal absorption. DIRECTIONS FOR USE Disinfect the derma roller with our TDG™ sanitiser spray. Allow a 10mm distance when spraying roller. Spray 2-3 times & allow roller to fully dry Wash, rinse & dry your beard Using the roller, gently roll back-forth-horizontally over desired area 5-10 times Apply 1-2 pumps of our TDG™ Growth Serum to the rolled area & massage until fully absorbed Disinfect the Derma Roller once more, leave to dry & store safely in the provided storage case It is recommended to use the TDG™ Derma Roller 1-2 times a week depending on skin tolerance. *Results may vary per individual. The timeline provided is the average time taken for users to start feeling new hair growth, as reported from an in-house study by The Daily Groom Australia. Results are not guaranteed as we take into account that everyone is different, however, we do have a 95% success rate.  ^To qualify for the 100% money back guarantee, you are required to purchase the 7-month supply of the TDG Beard Growth Kit and use for at least 140 days, as directed and following the recommended instructions indicated on the included instruction manual. Note that a kit includes 1x Beard Growth Serum bottle which equates to 40 Days supply and that you are required to have at least 140 days worth to qualify for a refund, therefore, we recommend purchasing the 7 month option to benefit from increased beard growth success and continuous use. In addition, you are required to document the beard area/s being treated by taking either photos or videos. You are required to save and/or document these images of the treated areas clearly showing the areas and their progress on a fortnightly basis (e.g. photo/video taken and saved/logged on your personal device every two weeks) for the entirety of the 140 days (minimum) during the application period the kit and its products are used by you, with the first log saved from Day 1 of using the products. As a side note: At minimum, the user is advised to use the Beard Growth Serum and Derma Roller as instructed to fully benefit from new beard hair growth and for optimal overall beard health. *Free beard styling tool applicable to the following supply variants: 4-Month Supply, 7-Month Supply. Free beard styling tool strictly during promotional periods only (Clearly stated within the variant titles). The exact design of the beard styling tool may differ from that shown in the images, however, will closely represent a design similar.
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Men grooming beard growth kit with beard oil, beard and moustache balm, and a derma roller
5-Pcs Beard and Mo Grooming Kit
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Our 5-Piece Beard & Moustache Grooming Kit gets its inspiration from the butterfly species, Bruna Bruna. It is inspired by the 100% all-natural ingredients present in the Beard & Mo balm and growth oil. 100% all-natural ingredients 10 Vitamin & mineral oils in Beard Growth Oil 4 Essential oils + Beeswax + mango oil in the Beard & Mo Balm Anti-itch formulation through pure essential oil nutrients Safe for every day & long term use Derma Roller to accelerate nutrient intake & uptake Premium-quality natural wood comb + straw bag included Each formulation is packed with quality oil essence that contribute to effective, non-irritant, user-safe beard care suitable for every day use. Buy with complete confidence. Separate to the oils, the kit includes a 540-pin stainless steel derma roller for improved blood circulation, a natural wooden comb, and a draw string bag. WHATS IN THE BOX 1x  Beard Growth Oil 30ml 1x  Beard & Mo Balm 60g 1x  Derma Roller 1x  Premium-quality Natural Wood Comb 1x  Draw String Bag  PACKED WITH NATURAL ESSENCIAL OILS The list of ingredients that make up our kit's formulation is quite a mouth full & we pride ourselves in each one of them and the success they've shown for our customers.   The Beard Growth Oil 30ml The growth oil contains mild ingredients to effectively stimulate skin cells for an accelerated beard growth or hair loss reduction experience. A non-toxic and safe solution to beard growth. 🌿  Grape Seed Oil 🌱  Sesame Seed Extract 🌿  Angelica Root Oil 🌿  Ginger Root Oil 🌿 Tea Tree Leaf Oil 🌱  Biloba Nut Extract 🌿  Peppermint Oil 🌿  Vitamin E 🌿  Polygonum multiflorum 🌿  Olive Fruit Oil   The Beard & Mo Balm 60g The balm softens, styles and soothes your beard & mo. The 100% natural ingredients make it suitable for daily-safe use. 🐝 Beeswax 🌿  Jojoba Oil 🌿  Grapeseed Oils 🥭  Mango Butter 🌿  Orange Oil  🌿  Argon Oil   The 540-pin Stainless Steel Derma Roller By using a derma roller, the absorption of nutrients required for beard regrowth is accelerated. The roller works by creating 1000s of microscopic channels on the skin, increased blood circulation which results in collagen forming and an increase in hair growth.    The Wood Comb The natural wood comb comes with a dual-sided design, flexible to untangle large or small knots from root to end, for a well-manicured beard.


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